Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gingerbread Ornaments

My latest creations are some new ornaments that I painted.
I have never done this style of painting before, but it looked
easy enough so I gave it a try.
They are not my designs...they are by a painter by the name of
Pamela House and she only does gingerbread boys and girls.
My favorite at Christmas.
The one below is by another woman by the name of
Kathy Jakopovich that I found on another website.
I ended up free handing them onto the wood because I didn't have any transfer paper.
So I didn't think they came out bad at all.
And the one below was suppose to be on a 12" wooden circle and I made
it work on an oval at a much smaller 3".

Hope you have enjoyed.
Be back soon...

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