Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School Gift For My Niece

So I visited with my niece the other day for a the first time in quite a
while and I wanted to make her a little back-to-school gift that
she would find useful for the upcoming school year.

So I made her a really cute backpack filled with some goodies...

That tiny pocket on the front was too small to put a gift card into, but it
was the perfect size for some money!!! So I put $5 in for some extra treats
at lunchtime at school. She thought that was awesome!!!

The pattern for this backpack is by Becky Roberts of Inking Idaho.
It is a tutorial that I bought some time ago and have used it for many
special people in my life...It's definitely a favorite...

So this is what the back looks like.

 So these are some cute bookmarks made out of library cards.
I decorated them and then laminated them so they would hold
up over time and lots of use by a teenager...

Last was a little composition book that I had picked up and recovered with
some patterned paper and attached a pen to so she would lose it.

I also included some post-it notes so she can stick them wherever she needs one
and some labels for her books and folders if she needs them.
She was overjoyed with it and thought it was a very cute and
clever gift idea...She rocks as a teenager!!!

Have a great day!


  1. OHhh they are so cute! love those tags1

  2. Great idea...i love the library card as a bookmark. I am going to have to "borrow" this idea. Awesome!!!