Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More fun with Candy

I also wanted to share with you these candy arrangements that I made for
my mom and sister for Christmas. Its the best gift when you just not sure what
to give them for a gift.

It starts off with an old style ice cream sundae dish.
Filled with assorted small candy and then you use a styrofoam ball
attached to the top of the dish.

then I just grabbed an assorted bag of chocolates from the store
and started hot gluing the individual pieces of hard candy on the underneath
and the chocolate to the top part of the styrofoam ball. I also used 2 of those
curling ribbon bows that you can get at the dollar store and took them apart
to fill in small spaces and give it a fancy look. I also chose a few floral picks to
add to it and a small food pick that I found that said "To Santa's Workshop".

This was the other one I made using all the same items just
a few different type of floral picks.

I was quite thrilled with the way they turned out and my
mom and sister loved them. I think this may be used
 several more times this year with other holidays.

Have a great day!

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  1. Woo-hoo, now here's my idea of an arrangement! They look amazing, bet your Mom and Sister loved these!