Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Crocheted Items

So it was really cold and rainy here all day
and those are the days I seem to be most productive
with my crocheting projects.
I just got these new patterns and decided that I would give
them a try to see how they turned out.
First up is the most adorable little reindeer hat
for a baby.
I have a boy doll that I am working on right now that I am going to be putting this on.
Next is the ear flap owl hat.
All I can say is adorable!!!
My love for owls this was so fun to make.

Matter of fact I am in the process of making a big girl sized one now for my
sweet daughter.
And lastly, a Santa hat with a matching cacoon for another doll
as a Christmas gift.

Hope you have enjoyed!
Be back soon!


  1. Omg! The owl hat is adorable! My oldest daughter, who is 12, has become so obsessed with owls it's insane! If we end up winning cassie could we purchase an owl hat as well? Love your work, it is amazing!

    1. My contact email is:
      lacey1715 at yahoo dot com