Friday, August 8, 2014

A Memorial To Molly - A sweet Yorkie

So this is a sad post but I wanted to share as many have you have heard
me talk about Molly. Molly belongs to Joan my good friend who has
taught me everything I know about knitting.
A little story about how I met Joan...
I met Joan by accident back in January of this year at our local
Jo-ann Fabrics store in the yarn department.
I admired a pair of sicks she was working on for her grandson and commented
how I would love to learn to knit. She was so sweet to offer
to teach me after my comment. Come to find out she lives just a few
miles from my house.
So our journey together began and she has been a wonderful
teacher and friend over the last 8 months. I have gotten to know her quite well
and her sweet little Yorkie "Molly".
Molly had to be put to rest long before her time was up, but it was best for her so
she wouldn't suffer...she is now over the rainbow playing without pain...
I had to make something for Joan who was so heartbroken over her recent loss...
So this is what I came up with... 

A shadow box frame with a great photo I took of the two of them back in the Spring.
And a perfect close-up of sweet Molly.
I presented it to Joan a few days after Molly was gone and she was so grateful
that I had taken those pictures.
I dressed up a piece of 12 x 12 cardstock with a piece of designer paper and
used a paper doily to dress it up a bit.
Added some rhinestone flourishes, mulberry flowers and glittered wire.
There you have it a perfect memorial for Mollie.
I know many people would say she was just an animal, but she was more than that.
She was a friend, a family member and a beloved companion to Joan.
I also miss Molly when I go to Joan's house now because she use to jump
off the couch to come and greet me at the door when I would come.
She couldn't wait for me to pick her up and she would smother me with kisses.
Joan use to threated her that if she acted up she was going to send her home with me.
Some threat that never scared Molly.
She was only 7 3/4 years old, not very old at all.
Well I do hope you have enjoyed my project and will come back soon.
Have a great day!

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